Remember Everything!

👧🏻 : Amazing! How do you remember this many things about me?
🧒🏻: Mumma has fed me a lot of almonds.

👧🏻 : Stupid! Don't joke now.
🧒🏻 : I remember almost everything about you, since the day you arrived in my city.

👧🏻 : Oh! It's unbelievable. But I've to believe coz whatever you are saying is true.
🧒🏻 : ☺️
👧🏻 : Don't smile.
🧒🏻 : Fine. ☺
🧒🏻 : Don't you remember anything about us?
👧🏻 : Yes, I do.

🧒🏻 : What's that?
👧🏻 : Once we had fought on some issues. A new girl had arrived and you started to be franker with her.
🧒🏻 : Hmmm! So?
👧🏻 : So when I got angry and began to go upstairs you asked me to stop many times. But I didn't. So you held my hand from back on the stairs.
🧒🏻 : Ummm! Yes.
👧🏻 : Actually, I was in bad mood, I wanted to stay, but when you held my hand I was like, 'Is there anyone who has seen this?' That's why I left.

Sushant Sai Sundaram

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