Definition of LOVE - Sushant Sai Sundaram

Definition of LOVE |♥|

Love is bonding between Sisters and Brothers ♥
Love is sharing by Husbands and Wives ♥
Love is caring for Parents & Children ♥
Love is emotional with everyone else.

Love happens, can't be created ♥
Love is compassion, can't be rated ♥
Love is smile, makes us laugh ♥
Love is a deluge, can't be hated. ♥

Love is not in your eyes ♥
Love is not on your lips ♥
Love is never demanding ♥
Love which is true never dips. ♥

Love is grace, blessing our progeny...
Love is exhilarating, ending our agony ♥
Love makes us positive, negating the negatives...
Love is symphony bringing the harmony. |♥|

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